Top 12 things that Corona Virus Pandemic is teaching every human

Did you ever imagine this time we all are living through would happen to us? Yes, devastating Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world together in this and it is shocking to see how efforts to save lives during this pandemic are rippling across the globe and creating uncountable emotional, economic and social impacts. We did saw such disastrous times in few Hollywood flicks, like Contagion, Retreat, The Day After Tomorrow, and many more but never thought that we would witness a somewhat similar life so soon where Manhattan is full of ghosts streets and people dying everywhere. Unfortunately, that has become the reality. Eiffel tower has no visitors, Subways are empty, stock markets closed, every part of the world is literally hit by this deadly disease that is claiming more and more lives every day. Every one of us is part of this unbelievable incident of a lifetime and going through a challenging phase. Some are greatly effected, some less, but overall every one of us is part of this.

People are on lockdown around the globe. People are working from home, schools closed, no more walks outside, no more movies, shopping in the mall, or an outing in the playground. The world, our planet is shut down literally. Things don’t seem to be like before. So, what is all this teaching us? Is there anything we need to learn now after this pandemic? Yes, these days are teaching us some lessons, a whole new way of life, to survive 2020 and beyond. Almost all the countries are dealing with the widespread disease and trying to stop the highly contagious coronavirus. Maybe COVID19 is the beginning or the heads up for humans who have been abusing our mother nature for self-benefit, commercial reasons, and for humans who forgot the supreme power who created God and ever continues spreading violence, crime, hatred, and cruelty to animals. We are on a standstill at a global level, rich or poor, millionaire or a homeless, rich country or developing ones, we know one thing now, we are all the same humans and we suffer equally in disasters.

Definitely, we are living in strange times. Here are some lessons that this outbreak of Coronavirus is teaching every one of us which may be useful to survive 2020 and beyond:

  1. Medical Science can be helpless too: We believed our Medical Sciences can protect us always with its advanced research. With the COVID19 outbreak, we saw how helpless humans can become when even top medical professionals of the richest countries of the world cannot find any solution. So, protect yourself every time with good food habits and hygiene because humans do not have a cure for all the diseases
  2. Life is so unpredictable: Sudden outbreak and lockdown are clearly indicating life is so unpredictable. One day you are out roaming around doing all the things you love to do, the second day can be a National Emergency and Stay at Home Order for everyone if they want to live. COVID19 is teaching us not to take health for granted by neglecting it and eating food and drinks contaminated with chemicals.
  3. Hygiene like never before: Well, COVID 2019 is definitely going to leave us with a never before hygiene practice. People will remember the 20 second-hand washing rule for a long time and Hand Sanitizers are surely going to rule the commodity demands.
  4. We are a global family: After seeing how COVID19 spread across the world, in all the countries with humans, we should understand that at the end of the day we are connected like a global family. It is not about rich countries or poor countries, poor people or celebrities, any religion or caste when the calamity hits Earth, we are together in it. Man-made borders do not restrict natural calamities to stop crossing from one country to another. Covid19 is reminding all human beings that we are all connected.
  5. Power of Social Distancing: Never before we thought the power of social distancing can be a life-saving technique and can be the last resort for eradicating a life-threatening disease on this planet. For years to come, people are going to practice the same and avoid large gatherings. It is definitely going to change the way of life
  6. Love animals, don’t kill them: Especially, exotic Wild animals are not be eaten. With speculations that COVID19 spread from a Wild Animal food market in Wuhan, China, many people would now think twice before eating such wild animals.
  7. Don’t take life for granted, spread love: When most of us preferred text messaging upon even a phone call, this pandemic has brought people together and renewed the bondings. Now people prefer FaceTime, Skype, or video calls over anything else. They want to see each other more as compared to a normal phone call or text. Stay at Home order brought families together again who were earlier struggling to give each other time.
  8. Handshakes and kisses for not everyone: Handshakes and Kisses were part of the culture for most of us. Now, the way of greeting also expected to change.
  9. Yoga and Meditation: Nothing can do what Yoga and Meditation can do for our mind, body, and soul. It is time to redefine yourself, look back and bring the change that is needed. Yoga and meditation not only give you physical strength but mental strength and mindfulness to survive such challenging times in a stable way to calm down stress and anxiety. After facing COVID2019, people would become more aware and would need to learn to practice a mindful approach to living through such a global crisis.
  10. Karma – Heaven, and Hell are here only: I strongly believe in spirituality and Karma. “As you sow, so will you reap”, which is really the same as Karma. It is destiny and fate, following as effect from cause. Let us stop doing bad things, to people, to nature, to animals. There has been no limit to use nature for our benefit, from cutting the forests, hunting animals, to polluting land, water, and air. This is a wake-up call for everyone. Think good and do good to others – may be your positive Karma could save you in a future crisis.
  11. Work and schooling from Home possible: COVID19 brought up possibilities of working and studying from home like never before. This may bring about changes in our future way of schooling and work.
  12. How Earth revived when humans were on Lockdown Throughout the world, we saw many examples where nature was revived when we stayed at home. We could hear more of chirping birds, spotting Whale and Dolphins where usually they were not visible, seeing crystal clear water that was not clean, and many more such instances.

COVID19 is reminding us that all humans are equal regardless of our education, income, status, color, caste, religion, age – we are one family living on Earth. It teaches us that we all are connected. If something happens to one, it can affect each one of us.  COVID19 is a new beginning for us that will change the way we live forever.

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